Testimonials for DNAvatar Programs

It has taken a long, long time for me to master the technique of surrendering to the music, and dissolve the physical body into the frequencies of the tones and frequencies on these wonderful soundscapes from Shapeshifter. I have been working with these AYD soundscapes starting with the level 1 series and their other CDs for around 10 years, and about 12 months ago stepped up to Level 2. I have found when you fully engage with the sounds rather than just listening to them, it makes all the difference in the world, and every time I listen I just feel more and more expanded joyous and an Amazing sense of Lightness of Being. The idea of a workbook to use in conjunction with listening to the soundscapes adds a whole new dimension to what we can gain and ways in which we can evolve from using the CDs. I love to write down my thoughts down on paper and journal so this process of using a workbook to use with the CDs allows me to be interactive and introspective, and track progress of feelings, states of being, experiences form listening to the music. It is a well laid out workbook, informative, with much technical information, links of interest, and is clear and concise that has a flow of progression to it as you move through it. Guided journeys, audios and soundscapes are offered to listen to then write down your thoughts and feelings that were evoked in you. Having such a workbook as this allows one to be more a part of the process of using the CDs. ~ JF, United Kingdom

My Next Steps #1 – I found this work much like I found most of the "next steps” on my 20+ year Spiritual Journey - it fell into my lap without effort. The first time I listened, I knew this Divine work would be an integral part of my Journey. The DNAvatar Program puts this Journey into perspective. I am able to utilize these Sacred Teachings without feeling like my natural intuition about my growth is BEing overshadowed. After a month I had my first BIG moment when I got a glimpse of just how far this music might take me. I was able to completely Surrender to the music and become one with it. I could literally feel the individual notes seeping into my cells and transforming me on a very deep level. I could feel the increased Light in my body. I am a "changed vibratory being" and I have felt a tingle of excitement as I experience a deep Knowingness that I have found Exactly what I was looking for at this critical juncture in my Evolutionary Shift as a human BEing.~ SLM from Las Vegas, NV United States

In order to achieve maximum impact from all of this it is certainly very helpful to get guidance from its creators, and this is what this series provides. The benefits of all of this must be to a large degree self enabled, and the ability to do so is a matter of our understanding and our beliefs, and the more we enhance this the stronger our intentions can be and therefore the more profound the manifestations will be. While the material is geared toward newer practitioners, and assumes no prior familiarity with the work, I feel that even very experienced practitioners will benefit from the perspective it provides. This is in a sense bonus material but it is quite important nonetheless, especially for those who may still hold limiting beliefs, but in saying that there does not seem to be a maximum threshold of belief and the power of belief and its potential effects are enormous. So I enjoyed the first edition of this and highly recommend it. ~ A.J. from Fredericton, NB Canada

Great Starting Program – I completely recommend this program to anyone who is new at spirituality, metaphysics and, of course, DNA. The information is invaluable for any newbies. However, for those that have been highly into metaphysics for some time and/or was informed about DNA beyond the physical level, some parts may be repetitive, but it is by no means a waste of time. It is a great refresher and a fresh perspective on the information one may have heard of before. The workbook it comes with is very easy to complete, very engaging and surprisingly fun. The recordings that come with the workbook are clear and easy to understand as well. This program has much more vocal and written information than soundscapes, but understanding the background of any field of interest is necessary to master it. The few soundscapes that are available are very good and will show anyone what they can expect when they decide to get into the other programs.~ Fred from Toronto, Canada

All this time I been looking outward to grow. When I could have been looking inward at my DNA. Want change, want to grow in all areas of your life? Then apply the teachings in the DNAvatar in your life. ~ Ed from Florida

This program is a complete transformational experience. Once I started listening to the soundscapes I launched into a journey that changed everything. The program explains complex spiritual and metaphysical concepts in easy to understand and clear material. When you start listening to the soundscapes and participate in your own transformation, the magic happens. The music floats into the expansive you, unlocking and releasing along the way. After the initial clearing, I feel a higher vibration all the time, things are being magnified to me and I am going places I never dreamed possible both physically and spiritually! This program is a blessing! ~ AS, Seattle, WA